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[sticky post] I hate doing this...

So it's time for my student fees to be paid and I find out that it's $500 just for my spot in the college. Nuts. Luckily I'm getting $250 from a relative but the other funds... yeah not happening yet.

I've set up a gofundme campaign (http://www.gofundme.com/vzwq54) I'm not really expecting people to help since I know I have to do this myself. I've been doing everything I can think of to get the rest of the money, including selling most of my books, the three posters I got from Bones, Fringe and Game of Thrones and I'm still $150 bucks shy of my goal.

In other non school related news I've ha 6 interviews in the past 3 weeks and STILL no job to be found. Everyone says I'm not doing anything wrong, my interview skills are amazing, it's just I don't have the proper experience that I'll get once I graduate.

Oh, and according to my dad I'm lazy.

And my laptop died :( Thank heavens for my tablet.

Hugs/kisses all around :D

Back from hiatus!

So I dropped off the face of the earth for awhile there. Okay, a LONG while. Part of it was because I had no internet for nearly 3 months, and the other part was because the second semester of college killed my social life to the point where I felt like a hermit.
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just a quick post before class since i should be studying for the quiz in an hour hehe

i've moved and am not even close to unpacking but thought i should come on and say i'm still alive. Katie i think your card got lost in the mail - i realized after i wrote your address wrong on it so i'll send a letter once I am settled. i'm typing this from my tablet i got for a late christmas gift so sorry for the horrible grammar lol

i'll have a longer update in a bit!

miss you all!

Dec. 11th, 2014

Basic Food Principle - Done
Nutrition - Done
Food Lab - Done
Comm - Presentation on Friday - five minutes tops.
Math - Done
Business - Test tomorrowComputers - Done

Phew, these finals were easy. Bring on semester two.

Update time?

So, college is an interesting experience so far, I have to admit. Out of all my classes I'm actually enjoying the business class, even though the professor needs to explain things more. All of our assignments are online so we can go at our own pace, but of course, I get them finished as soon as possible. The class is fun; we just sit around a table for an hour discussing companies and how we could make certain ones better.

Communications class is amazing though; we're reading this book about an economic hitman and it's more fascinating than I thought it would be. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass this class with a low 'A', but right now I'm aiming at just figuring out things. We have weekly writing assignments on the book and choice questions about life that our professor has us do so she can get an understanding of how we write. And so far she loves my writing, I hate being boastful, but in the last 3 assignments I've gotten a perfect on each one so I must be doing something right.

Math is, well, math. I hate it and it hates me. I especially hate fractions with a fiery passion. This last week has just kicked my brains ass. I mean I understand adding, subtracting and multiplying and diving fractions, however it's when you get a list of fractions to do in a certain order that has to be precise that annoys you. And I'm really trying to understand, but it would be so much simpler if the textbook was easy to understand with simpler examples. We have to write the question out, but the textbook never does so we have a small problem with understanding how it got its answer. Ugh. I can do this.

Now my fav subjects are all Culinary of course; I have two on Monday and one lab on Thursday. I would love it if the bookstore would hurry the hell up with our Chef's Jacket and pants. they ran out of medium pants in the box set AND singles and assured us they'd be in on Monday. The Monday that just passed. WHERE ARE THEY? Chef Casey is getting frustrated with us coming to lab without our proper uniform and I'm annoyed that I'm making a bad impression on him. I'm a hard worker, i'm learning quickly and I'm enjoying the lab (minus waking up at 5:30 am to be at school for 8 for a five hour lab that kills my feet lol)

I know it's not our fault and he's not mad at us, but we're loosing marks for not being fully prepared and it friggen sucks. But, besides the uniform thing, the lab is fun, we laugh and joke around while working. Today we all made different stocks and can I just say that I will NEVER eat fish soup of any kind? Now that I know the process of how it's made, the thought of tasting it or smelling it makes me sick. I guess it doesn't help that I'm getting over a cold but yeah it wasn't pretty. The classes themselves are awesome; we're training in proper safety and will get a proper certificate if we pass the course which will be allowed in every province in Canada and not just Ontario, which is awesome since my Food Handlers expired last month.

I've made some friends in my three weeks and I know that most of them won't keep in touch once we graduate, but, for now it's nice to have people to complain and laugh with at school. I thought I would be alone there since I knew no one, but everyone is just awesomely nice.

but anyway, I need to be up for 7 so I can get to class by 9, but I promise to keep y'all updated!

Sep. 4th, 2014

Got my OSAP check today and had a mini anxiety attack when I saw how small it was;m until I realized that they sent the tuition to the school then gave me the remainder of the 60% so I can buy my chef's uniform and books and money left over. I did the calculations like fifty times, but I'm still worried because it still says I owe the money in my student site. I'll give it a few days because maybe they're still processing that, but still sometimes I hate being a cancer and such a worrier lol
So I woke up early, like 2 hours before I had too since I just couldn't sleep. I took a bus I don't normally take and was worried I'd be late, but luckily the bus was early enough for me to arrive ten minutes early so I could find the area where my program was.

And you know what?


We were separated into groups of 15 with about 20 people in each group and had fun playing games for about an hour before the Knights Ceremony began. Just silly stuff like hanging nails off a piece of string, hula hooping, the cookie on face game, tossing balls with lacrosse sticks. Our team lost, but we had too much fun to really care.

the Knights Ceremony was interesting to say the least since we all almost drowned from the rain. I tell you, standing outside while it poured and thundered while listening to bag pipes was actually quite soothing. We got these foam swords and had to wave them around while reciting an oath. It was great, completely relaxing and yet unnerving because there were so many students there.

I made some new friends though which was great. And I'm sure one or two of them will stay friends while the others will be aquaintances. But that's okay because it's to be expected. My professors seems nice and friendly and I'm now no longer nervous about starting.

4 classes tomorrow, the fun begins.

Another holiday over

Another Labour Day come and gone, and just like every holiday it was rather boring and relaxing. I spent it watching the criminal Minds marathon and catching up on The Leftovers (OMG IT'S SO GOOD!) I'm trying to keep myself from stressing about Orientation on the 2nd, because I still don't have my OSAP and I'm afraid I'll be the only one not ready when we get into the kitchen. I know I won't be, but the fear is still there because I keep second guessing myself about whether I handed in all the forms. Every time I check the website it says the same thing, though I'm not getting what I thought; no they lowered it by 300$. How can I live on what they're giving me? Just because I'm living at home, doesn't mean I'm living there for FREE.

I'll be applying for bursaries and scholarships when they open up, because honestly I can't live on 250$ a month.

Anyway, I'm just going to have fun tomorrow, meet new people and figure out where my classes are.

Ahhh bliss

There is nothing like sitting around the camp fire late at night with music blasting in your ears while drinking Crown Royal Maple. How did my weekend go? Well...

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Woo hoo!

So dad finally gave in, after I told him I really wanted to go to College and I wasn't going to drop out if it got hard. I know it'll be hard, college isn't meant to be easy like grade of high school. I'm expecting to have days where I want to scream and cry. So he said he would help out. Cue this morning at 9:30am when he calls up saying he's here. I didn't expect him to be here so early since he told us he'd be here ay 11. After sending a prayer off we drove to the campus and I have to admit I think he was impressed with hos large it was.

Ten minutes later I got the receipt and can now say that in September I will be in College full time. This is really happening. After 12 years of wondering where my life is going I'm doing something about it. no more thinking, I'm doing. It still doesn't feel right, I don't think it will until I get my student card and it really sets in.

I'm going to college o.O


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